Ciskastreet Consulting offers a range of advisory and support services to assist businesses of all shapes and sizes, local as well as international.

We partner with our clients to create and implement high impact marketing and business development solutions that will drive growth and boost profits.Ciskastreet’s combination of value-added and high quality solutions to our clients helps them reach their business goals.

Our Services


Market Research

Ciskastreet Consulting offers a broad range of quality market research services to provide you with timely and accurate market intelligence. We have the industry expertise and local resources to help you identify and evaluate new market opportunities, or asses your current position within a given market.

Our research services include:

Market Analysis: Assess market potential, market attractiveness, market size and segmentation, and market barriers in the target industry.

Industry Reports: Reports covering a range of industries including telecommunications, technology, agriculture, manufacturing, automotive, clothing and textiles and more.

Competitor Analysis: Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors, both domestic and international.

Field Research: Gain firsthand knowledge by interacting with the market directly through interviews and surveys.

Forecasting: Examine market trends that could influence the demand for a certain product or service.

Business Process Optimization

Dr. W, Edwards Deming stated “If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you are doing”. We make sure you know what you are doing and that all employees have a clear understanding of the business processes in which they are involved.

People are often blamed for inefficiency or ineffective work when the true cause of the problem is poor work processes. We assist your company with a systematic examination of the way in which work is performed with the goal of identifying areas of improvement and process optimisation. This leads to more effective and efficient work methods, cost savings and increased shareholder value. Our engagement process increases employee productivity and company morale.

A multidisciplinary team of experts from Ciskastreet Consulting provides the basis for an intervention process to revitalize the business processes within a company. Both the external interface and internal operations are analysed, compared to industry norms and owner needs. We will assist your company with the implementation of improvement practices and embedding these into integrated software solutions when and if appropriate.

Investment Risk Assessment

Investments can be duanting without the right information to make decisions. Ciskastreet Consulting has many years of experience in due diligence investigations and investment risk assessments, and we will assist your company in making financially sound investment choices.

Ciskastreet Consulting offers a thorough and appropriate due diligence process for all your investment projects. Our team of experts will support you to:

  • Review your business and the key drivers of the financial score card;
  • Gain an understanding of the success factors that will allow you to make informed decisions;
  • Verify financial assumptions;
  • Develop financial projections to assist you with the assessment of the financial feasibility of proposed investments, or investment options; and
  • Assist you with the optimal structuring of the investment funding options, ie through equity and/or loan finance.

We provide you with due diligence data that is verified and reliable, enhanced by the experience and insights of our consulting professionals.

Commercialization of New Technology

The commercialization of new technology in new greenfield ventures or via technology licensing routes presents challenges to entrepreneurs and investors.

Ciskastreet Consulting provides support in take-to-market strategies, licensing options and valuation of the Intellectual Property or patent portfolio. Our services have been used to establish new projects in Agriculture, the automotive industry and high technology commercialization/spin-out of commercially-ready researched products.

Project Feasibility Assessment

Feasibility studies are done to clarify the nature and scope of a new project, test and verify / modify projected businessoutcomes and the set of initial business assumptions.  Business assumptions are validated in a ‘reality check’ through a process of benchmarking against industry norms and projects that Ciskastreet has experience with. The feasibility study includes market, technical and financial risk assessment . Ciskastreet Consulting’s team of experts specialize in agricultural and industrial feasibility studies.

We  work in close collaboration with project owners and initiators, investors and financial institutions. A comprehensive feasibility assessment report, covering the opportunity and risks includes recommendations and an action plan as well as projected financials and return measures such as IRR and ROI.

Business Plans

The team of experts at Ciskastreet Consulting can assist you with a comprehensive business plan, whether it is for a new start-up venture or to raise funding for an existing firm.

The majority of financial institutions, locally as well as internationally, will require a comprehensive business plan before granting funds for business ventures. At Ciskastreet we have had many years of experience in dealing with financial institutions and have become familiar with the requirements of such institutions. We provide a comprehensive  solution for all your business plan requirements.

Market Surveys

Our market surveys will provide you with an overview of the market dynamics and market forces that affect the market and influence the growth and attractiveness of the markets.

The research team at Ciskastreet Consulting is experienced and has worked in a wide variety of industries. We can support your company ion determining market attractiveness, size of the market, competitors and their competitive positions, growth factors etc. We make us of interviews and surveys to assimilate all data and apply analytical tools to provide the client with an appreciation and understanding of market dynamics.

Financial Modelling

The financial modelling consultants of Ciskastreet have worked in various industries and provided both large and small companies with financial planning and analysis by building tailored models to support management decisions in:

  • Investment decisions – financial models provides the client with an assessment of the financial feasibility of proposed projects;
  • Performance improvement – financial modelling of key company financials at an activity level, can provide insight into the financial sensitivity of key performance parameters and the impact of improvement(s);
  • Company valuation –financial modelling of business financial performance can be used to determine a fair value of the company for purposes of trading its shares, buy-out or merger, or management buy-in.

Financial modelling of historic and forecast performance assists management to make better financial decisions and mitigate risk. With the right financial model in place, company executives and senior managers will be able to more accurately interpret the past and forecast the future. We advise managers on the best way to plan and monitor business performance (key performance indicators – KPI) and manage the intricate process of compiling business plans and budgets.

Applications for Government Grant Schemes

The South African Government has launched various incentive schemes such as grants and tax incentives for local manufacturing entities in South Africa. These grants and funds are notorious for the thorough and extensive paperwork that is required  in applications.

Ciskastreet Consulting provides a comprehensive service in the preparation and submission of applications for these schemes.

Deal Brokering

The services we provide covers all aspects of the deal process. The engagement starts with a review of the business proposition and an assessment of its fari value and chances of succeeding.  Based on our past experienced in large and small deals, we can assist with the valuation of the proposed transaction.  Our further engagement entails preparation of the Information Memorandum and Data Room, engagement of potential investors, call for proposals, through to the management of the Due Diligence process and finalization of the transaction.

Due Diligence Investigation

Ciskastreet provides expertise and advice to financiers and investors in the execution of due diligence investigations covering marketing and technical risk assessments.  Due diligence investigations address value chain assessments, and detail technical and commercial risks assessment.


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